Course Objectives
Batik is a unique art form used to create paintings on cloth utilizing hot melted wax with vibrant permanent dyes. It is an ancient art form that originated in Indonesia and is still very popular today. Create your own original batik clothing! Enjoy the challenge of working with new materials to create unusual, one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The results are exciting and experimental.


At the end of the course, students will be able to
+ Learn fabric painting and understand the whole process of batik painting.
+ Express their inner thoughts and feelings and convey the messages in their fine art batik paintings.

Course Outline
 The Process of Batik Making

 Introduction of Batik history, tools and batik dyes
 Exploration on ideas, themes and inspirations
 Sketching the Design
 Transferring from Paper to Cloth
 Preparing and mounting the Fabric

 Demonstration and Safety Precautions
 Introduction to the Djanting and how to use it
 Temperature Settings & Application of Wax
 Basics Techniques: Straight lines, broken lines, dots and textures
 Understanding and control of colour

 Blending techniques
 Direct dye application technique
 Demonstration of Marbling and web-like crackle.
 Demonstration to the fixative agent: application and process.
 Finishing process: washing and wax removal.
 Finishing & Presentation





Materials Required : Basic materials for use during course will be provided. Additional materials may be bought at special rates from our artshop.
Date of Workshop : Open all year round for public registration exclusively for teens and adults
Time of Workshop : Day & Evening Classes
Fees : S$200/- (4 Lessons of 2 hours per lesson)
Class Size : Small Class size of 5 to 8 persons
Instructor : Mr Osman Asari / Mr Mohamad
Venue : West (Jurong East Central)
Mode of Payment : Cash or Cash-Cheque Only
Contact Person : Mohamad @ HP 98686008

School/Corporate Training Available. If you would like more information, quotes and bookings of our courses, please contact us or SMS enquiries to 98686008 (Mohamad) or email us at

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