Course Objectives
You want to draw funny people, but you don't know how? Lets Learn to Draw Caricatures is a unique course that will teach you step-by-step how to draw caricatures for the amazement and amusement of your friends and family or for money.

This course provides detailed, motivating, and personalized study. The draw, draw, draw emphasis of this course will help develop and/or improve your drawing and observation skills. Find out how you can use caricatures to start your own business almost anywhere. If you have always wanted to make money with your artistic talents then this is the course for you. There are no course requirements. If you can hold a pen, pencil, or marker, you can develop an artistic skill, then you can draw cartoon caricatures!

This course is made up of 4 Lessons that will take you from the basics of getting started to the final stage of drawing a "Dead On" caricature. Each lesson provides drawing exercises, resource suggestions, net-links, and a drawing assignment. Each lesson opens with and introduces the interesting and famous caricature characters.

In each lesson you will be provided with clear drawings, inspiring and informative instruction for a great start in learning to draw caricatures. Instructions will include personalized critiques of your work throughout the course. You will receive personalized critiques for each lesson assignment for an overall development of your drawing ability.

Course Outline
 Learn art and cartoon history
 Introduced to cartoon terminology and vocabulary words as well.
 Introduction to caricature drawing, skull, masses, & planes of the head
 Creating heads using different head shapes, features & dimensions
 How to look at faces when drawing caricatures
 Structure of eyes, nose and mouth
 How to Exaggerate the Face, Head & Hair
 Give the caricatures different emotions and perspective
 Develop portrait skills
 Develop skills in shading - Through 5 step shading & cross hatching techniques
 Develop their observational skills and basic art skills and techniques.
 Introduction to gestures and body movements, different body types
 Provide a system for approaching a caricature drawing.




Materials Required : Basic materials for use during course will be provided. Additional materials may be bought at special rates from our artshop.
Date of Workshop : Open for public registration exclusively for teens and adults
Time of Workshop : Day & Evening Classes
Fees : S$160/- (4 Lessons of 2 hours per lesson)
Class Size : 2 or more
Instructor : Mr Mohamad / Mr Osman
Venue : West (Jurong East)
Mode of Payment : Cash or Cash-Cheque Only
Contact Person : Mohamad @ HP 98686008

School/Corporate Training Available. If you would like more information, quotes and bookings of our courses, please contact us or SMS enquiries to 98686008 (Mohamad) or email us at

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