Course Objectives
Clay Modeling is about creating art pieces in 3-dimensional objects using clay. The clay is a very interesting material. It is easy to handle and is extremely versatile. It can be shaped into various sizes of forms depending upon the requirements and imagination of the creators.
Clay is a great material to experiment while wet as you can apply textures, gestural marks and carvings to create a dynamic surface. This is a great class to learn the basics of working with clay!

Course Outline
Introduce the basics of clay handling
Proper care and handling and safety
The usage of the modeling tools, hands and fingers
Experiment with the clay to become more aware of its properties and processes in making a clay object.
Getting the feel through touching.

The art vocabulary associated with clay.
Samples of clay work
Exploring clay, what clay can/not do. Working with clay.
Develop and transform 2-Dimensional simple sketch to 3-Dimensional reality using clay.
Understand the importance of drawings and the possibilities of turning them into concrete forms.
Developing ideas and skills for when work begin.
Change and improve the forms of the clay works.
Focus on creating different textures on the surface of the clay work.
Introduce several approaches on creating the required patterns using modeling tools or other methods.
Discussion on various approaches toward clay modeling and sharing of individual techniques
Learning how to create shapes and attach them. The scratch and slip technique
Discussion on works, share-style, finishing, decorations etc.
Group Critiques. Discussion and evaluation of works with others.
Viewing on all the art works and sharing opinions.




Materials Required : Basic materials for use during course will be provided. Additional materials may be bought at special rates from our artshop.
Date of Workshop : Open year round for public registration exclusively for teens and adults
Time of Workshop : Day & Evening Classes
Fees : S$200/- (4 Lessons of 2 hours per lesson)
Class Size : 2 or more
Instructor : Mr Mohamad / Ms Ziyi Liew
Venue : West (Jurong East Central)
Mode of Payment : Cash or Cash-Cheque Only
Contact Person : Mohamad @ HP 98686008

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