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azleeMasks are a way to make faces, that lift and transport us to new and wild places. From a bird to a beast to a sad happy clown, masks make you laugh, make you jump, make you frown. Using paper and scissors and objects you find, you can make masks of all colors and kinds.


Students will create and paint a paper mask made from wire and paper mache. Then each student can create a personal 'cultural' mask. This project is suitable for children ages 8 to 10.


  1. Understanding the visual arts in relation to history and culture. Students will see that masks have great meaning in many cultures. Students will have a chance to discover the importance of connecting our present day lives with the lives of those who lived before us.
  2. Understanding and applying media, techniques, and processes.
  3. Using knowledge of structures and functions.
  4. Choosing a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas.
  5. Reflecting upon and assessing the characteristics of artwork. Students will learn to appreciate the art created not only by them, but by others as well.
  6. Making connections between visual arts and other disciplines


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