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Shrink Art is an amazing craft activity that mesmerizes and amazes the child in all of us. It lets children experiment with shapes. Shrink Art is basically sheets of thin, flexible plastic that you could draw or color on. The plastic sheets were then put into an oven. The heat of the oven would make them curl up and shrink, eventually laying flat and becoming much smaller and rigid.

A 2D art form, they are great for making colorful handphone straps, key chains, zipper pulls, tags and other fun items. Try this versatile craft media to create fun keepsakes that will keep memories alive for years to come.


5ChiliYou start with a clear sheet of Shrink Art plastic then either trace or draw an outline ... depending on how talented you are!! Once this is done colour in using good quality colouring pencils. Do not use wax based products or crayons as they will cause a fire. Only colour lightly as when the design shrinks the colours become darker. Some of the specialty Shrink Art sheets allows for the use of permanant markers, inks and paint in your designs.

Once the designs are finished cut out in the shape you wish the finished product to be. Don't forget to put a hole in at this stage or you'll end up with pieces used as a fridge magnet!! If you want a square design, round the corners for safety. Adults should supervise the use of scissors. Fine details require the use of embroidery scissors to save tearing the plastic.


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The next stage is to shrink the design in the oven. This stage should be supervised. Of course this is the exciting part so make an off limits area that only the baker can enter and allow the children to witness their own design being shrunk from outside this safety zone. Remember the designs are HOT when they leave the oven so use of oven mits is used.

At this stage the design can be molded. For example if you have made a flag by sitting the design over a pencil you will get a wave effect.

Viola! Shrink Art is as easy as......... Trace It....... Colour It......... Trim It....... Bake It


Create embellishments for Scrapbooking, Paper Crafts, Kids Crafts and more! Incredible plastic that shrinks to 20% of its original size.

Create unique plastic pieces to use in all your art & craft projects. Just apply your design on the sheet (draw, trace or rubber stamp), colour it, cut it out and bake it in the oven for a clean, colourful, fun new personalized craft project.


Each sheet measures 26.5 x 20.5cm (10.5" x 8") retails at $3.50 each. A pack of 4 is bundled at $13. Available in translucent, clear, black or white.
Note: These are write or drawn on kinds and are not suited for use for laser or inkjet printers. Click here to go to our online shop (See Kits section)



ADULT $120 for 4 sessions. Each session last 2 hours.

All fees include materials used throughout the course. Unless stated only the completed work are allowed to be brought back.

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